What is holding you back? Sometimes you are too close to see it, so let us help.


You don’t know what you don’t know. To move forward you must learn new things, we can teach you.


Nothing happens unless you take positive action, we can help you motivate yourself and your team.


Your level of results are only dictated by your level of goals, let us help you stretch them.

“`Marketing is a skill you have to learn and keep on learning.
If you are not growing you are dying”

Let Us Teach You A Simple Marketing Process In 97 SECONDS!


For many marketing is the Holy Grail of business. How do I generate a consistent flow of leads into my business that I can convert into sales?

You can build a business only so far on recommendations and repeat business. There comes a time when to grow it you have to be attracting people who you have not sold to before or do not know you.

All marketing has a cost, be it time or money, and many business owners, in the pursuit of profit, reduce their costs and thus reduce their marketing budget. But this mindset is preventing them from growing. If they change it to one of investing in marketing, that for every £1 in should lead to more than £1 out, then the more you spend the more you get.

However, in today’s world there are so many forms of marketing, knowing which ones to use and how to use them effectively seems to be a lottery, and thus the perceived risk is too high and therefore the marketing stops.

That is why we designed our Marketing Mastery workshop. We wanted to take the mystery out of marketing and give you the knowledge that the big corporates and top marketing agencies have known for ages, and show you

  • How to identify your target market so you don’t waste your marketing budget
  • How to create a compelling offer and USP that will make your prospects take action
  • How to select the best communication method to reach your audience
  • How to test and measure everything so you can maximise your return on investment
  • How to create adverts that will convert
  • How to effectively use Social Media to extend your reach
  • How to create a marketing plan that will keep you on track and get you results

We are so sure that our course will give you an increase in your lead generation that we guarantee that if you use what you learn in your business and after 3 months, have not seen a marked improvement in your leads, we will give you a 200% return on your investment in the course.

Business Coaches

Kevin Stansfield ACA, MBA

As one of the top business coaches, mentors and trainers in the UK, it is my passion to help local business owners and senior executives to take themselves and their businesses to the next level.

I have lived and breathed business all my life, starting as a child with parents who both owned their own businesses and so I saw first-hand the successes and challenges that are part of everyday life for business owners. After University, I trained and qualified as a Chartered Accountant, working with owner run businesses and helping them to grow successfully. This taught me what it takes to build and run a great business. Later, I moved on to run my own businesses and build a team to work with me.

After completing an MBA in 2006, I had a change of direction in my career as I wanted to focus more on business planning, growth and development and less on just the finances aspects of businesses. After extensive research, I decided to join ActionCOACH and undertook their extensive training to become a certified business coach.

For the last 10 years I have been coaching and training business owners on the south coast to realize their full potential by becoming better at growing and running their businesses, so that they can make more money and have more time to enjoy it.

02380 560833

02380 560833

Colin Harding

I’m passionate about profit. Let’s be honest – that’s really what it all comes down to. I find it really exciting when I help fellow business owners to grow and improve their businesses, which really means … more profit. I do this by applying my experience and learnings gained from working in the privately owned commercial sector, both in the UK and overseas. I worked for many years as Commercial Director and Arbitrator, and have run my own successful businesses for more than a decade.

The three great things I do for my clients that increase their profits:

  • Planning – start with a plan that identifies their required profits.
  • Education – transfer the knowledge and tools to get their required results.
  • Execution – ensure they take the actions to make their plan a reality.

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my wife Jo and our two grown up sons and our grandson, looking after our cats and chickens, and playing the ukulele with a local band!”


  • I have seen first hand ActionCoachs work through a friend and they are worth their weight in gold.

    Vicky T
  • Action coach helps you focus on what is important.

    Claire S
  • Be open minded going forward as there are a lot of ideas and information available if you choose to use to use them

    Rob J


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